Is your double glazing starting to fail?

Signs of failings units is a build up of condensation inbetween the two panes of glass.

Did you know that just because of the condensation, there is not always the need for a full new window. Most circumstances, its just simply a case of replacing the glass, this is a fraction of the cost of a full new window.

Faulty, worn or dated locks, faulty, sticking and worn hinges and handles both for doors and windows, draughty windows and doors are not a problem for Window Wizard.

Experts in the field - we were afteral the first window company to provide a repair service, with a vast knowledge of locking systems, including those that are dated, we can even help if your key breaks in the door.

We have a 24 Hour call out service so even in the middle of the night we are there to help.


We carry a vast array of items from letter boxes to door and window handles so if you are just looking to update your current furniture give us a call.


Along with our design, planning and installation service we also offer a full repair service from setting new foundations and bases to replacing polycoarbonate and glass roofs.

Security Upgrades.

Door and window locks dated can be a means of entry for a burglar, don't give them the oportunity. Why not book a viewing and we can best advise you on what steps to take.

With a high percentage of burgalries being carried out by opportunists, it makes sense to take precautions. We can supply and fit door and window alarms, allowing you to sit comfortably in your home knowing that if a door or window is opened an alarm will 'go-off' allerting you that an entry has been made.

Other Repair Items include:

  • Additional Security Devices for Doors and Windows
  • Fire Escape Friction Hinges
  • Letterbox
  • Reinforced Panels
  • cat Flaps
  • Patio Door Handles and Locking Mechanisims
  • Patio Rollers
  • Door Restrictors
  • door barrel Cylinders
  • door locks
  • window handle locks
  • window locks
  • door handles

This list is not exhausted, if you are having any problem please contact us. we are sure that we are able to help.

Door Mechanisims

Door Mechanisims