Fire Safety

fire safety

Are all your exits covered?

Unfortunately there are scores of fire incidents throughout the UK leading to serious injury and death. A high volume of injuries and deaths could have been avoided if only home owners had planned out their fire exit routes.
Many home owners have fully opening windows which could be used as an escape route, however they don’t have the means of being able to exit such windows to safety.
We can provide you with a life saving product – ‘The Fire Escape Ladder’

The Fire Escape ladder is a highly innovative yet simple device that is designed to save lives.

  • Simple in Concept
  • Simple to Install
  • Simple to Use

The Fire Escape Ladder is a permanent, but collapsible, safety ladder for emergency use in the event of a fire in your home. It will help you and your family to secape quickly, easily and safely from an upper storey window.

Once installed on an outside wall of your home, the fire escape folds away neatly and discreetly to resemble an unobtrusive rainwater downpipe. It is easily installed, fully weather resistant and maintenance free.

Down Pipe
Soil Pipe
Fire Escape Ladder

One is a soil pipe, one is a down pipe and one is the Fire Escape Ladder

New Home Building Regulations now make it essential for an ‘escape window’ to be installed, with a clear unobstructed opening of 850mm high x 500mm wide, as a minimum requirement. In the case of fire this exit would need to be used if safe exit is not possible from the ground floor.

How it Works

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